Pre-Purchase Stability Assessment

Ascent geotechnical Consulting also conduct slope stability/risk assessments outside of mandated Council requirements.

Ascent routinely undertake geotechnical “pre-purchase” inspections for prospective buyers of properties all over Sydney, either to settle the nerves of prospective buyers of steep or problematic blocks, or as a requirement of finance approval, where lenders are cagy about “landslip” or “Geotechnical Hazard” zoning as mapped by Council. Occasionally we are engaged by proactive vendors wanting to meet any concerns prospective buyers might have head on.

Buying a property is often the most significant financial decision in a person’s life.  While not always visible to the untrained eye, geotechnical issues on a site can have very significant implications to the integrity of the house, or any other structures on site.

The old saying goes ‘a house is only as strong as its foundations’, while that is certainly true, we would add that your houses foundations are only as strong as the ground that they bear upon.

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