Geotechnical Reports for Council Development Applications

In many Local Government areas, some form of geotechnical reporting is required by Council to support your Development Application or Construction Certificate. This may be as a result of a particular Geotechnical Hazard Zone or Landslip Risk Category that may apply to your block, or as a result of the scope of works you are proposing. For example, many Councils will require a geotechnical report where excavations or filling is proposed.

Individual Councils have slightly different requirements for the requisite report. Ascent Geotechnical Consulting are experts at deciphering the often-complicated reporting and documentation requirements that apply to your specific project, making sure that you have all the technical information you need for your development while also satisfying Councils requirements. 

While reports of this kind are designed to satisfy Council requirements, their primary aim is to provide technically accurate, site specific information that will inform appropriate structural design of foundation and retention systems, as well as providing recommendations for appropriate excavation and construction methodology.

The application of factual ground information to the structural design or excavation/construction quoting can save many thousands of dollars over the life of your project.

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